RiffReporter receives major award for digital journalism innovation

VOCER INNOVATION DAY 2017, 11.11.2017: RiffReporter cofounders Tanja Krämer and Christian Schwägerl amidst VOCER and jury members. © Jörg Müller, www.joergmuellerfotografie.de

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Berlin/Hamburg. RiffReporter – the cooperative for free journalism has received the first #NETWENDE award. The media Prize honours sustainable innovations in journalism, on the occasion of the VOCER Innovation Day at the SPIEGEL publishing house. RiffReporter is the first winner of the #NETZWENDE Award. The award is an initiative of VOCER in cooperation with SPIEGEL, the August Schwingenstein Foundation, the Rudolf-Augstein-Foundation and the ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius.

The digital journalism community RiffReporter received the first #NETWENDE award from a jury of 18 journalists, editors, media and communication experts. Co-editor Alexander von Streit explains:”The RiffReporter convinced the jury because they are very specifically building innovative sustainable structures for journalism in the digital space.”

Founding member Tanja Krämer accepted the prize on behalf of the entire team. “We want to contribute to a sustinable journalism innovation by facilitating the creation of independent projects by freelance journalists,”says co-founder Tanja Krämer. The aim is to build up numerous supporteing communities for themes, projects and authors. Every journalism project in the reef is editorially and economically independent, but at the same time part of a thematic landscape and part of a community of founders.

“We are very happy about this recognition. It goes to all freelance journalists who set off together in the reef to create new opportunities for diversity and depth,” says Christian Schwägerl, co-founder of RiffReporter.

The search was for digital media projects and technologies that have a sustainable impact on journalism and society and contribute to a better informed public. The #NETZWENDE-Award is endowed with 10,000 euros, the prize money is earmarked for a specific purpose and supports the development and expansion of the award-winning project.

Netzwende is an initiative of the VOCER journalism think tank, which is sponsored by the VfMJ (Association for Media and Journalism Criticism). Founded in Berlin in 2009, the non-profit association is openly critical of the media system, its actors, processes and content and is committed to sustainable innovation in journalism.

VOCER deals with the transformation of media and journalism, but also with the fundamental interrelationships and interactions between technology, culture and society.

The prize was donated by the ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius, the August Schwingenstein Foundation and the Rudolf Augstein Foundation.

Members of the #Netzwende jury are: Robert Bongen (publisher of VOCER and editor of the ARD-political magazine “Panorama”), Christina Elmer (head of the data journalism department SPIEGEL ONLINE), Frederik Fischer (editor-in-chief piqd. de and co-editor of VOCER), Tabea Grzeszyk (hostwriter) Susann Hoffmann (EDITION F), Frauke Hamann (ZEIT-Foundation Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius), Marcus von Jordan (Communication Consultant), Dr. Leif Kramp (Communication and Media Scientist, Historian and Journalism Researcher), Marco Maas (Managing Director, Data Journalist, Media Consultant), Astrid Maier (Head of the Corporate and Innovation Departments of Wirtschaftswoche), Iris Ockenfels (editor of “Panorama 3” NDR), Anja Reschke (Director of NDR Television Domestic Policy), Stephanie Reuter (Managing Director Rudolf Augstein Foundation), Léa Steinacker (Chief Innovation Officer Wirtschaftswoche), Alexander von Streit (Founder and Editor Krautreporter, Co-founder of VOCER, Director VOCER Innovation Medialab), Janko Tietz (Chief of the Service), Lina Timm (Founder and Program Manager of MediaLab Bayern), Dr. Stephan Weichert (Professor for Journalism and Communication Science in Hamburg).

About RiffReporter

RiffReporter is the cooperative for freelance journalism. The aim is to create a journalism ecosystem, “The Reef” for science, culture, society, environment and technology. RiffReporter offers professional freelance authors a dynamic platform that enables them to create, publish and expand their readership independently – as well as a community of colleagues who learn and grow together. At RiffReporter, readers will find well-founded articles in great variety and thematic depth and can at the same time contribute to strengthening free quality journalism. RiffReporter is financed by readers who pay flexibly according to their interests and by sponsors (RiffSupporters) who invest in the cooperative. Founded in 2015 by Christian Schwägerl, Tanja Krämer, Maximilian Steinbeis, Sebastian Brink and Uwe H. Martin, RiffReporter – the Genossenschaft für freie Journalismus eG is based in Berlin. In November 2017, the company was awarded the Network Award.

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