Anthropocene birdwatching:
seeing what should be but isn’t

I was birdwatching on the local city farm called “Domäne Dahlem” in Berlin’s South-West today. In an area like this, bird life should be much richer on a winter day like today as it was. Of course there were birds. But for an agricultural area under organic management there should be a much broader spectum of species and many more birds altogether. It’s not spring yet. But I’m afraid that we are getting closer to Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” scenario.
What I have seen or heard:
A beautiful kestrel, eating a mouse
20 or so Hooded Crows
2 Magpies, a nice couple
4 Starlings
1 Robin
10 or so House Sparrows
3 Great Tits
1 Chaffinch
What I should have seen but haven’t:
10 Goldfinches
21 Greenfinches
5 Grey Partridges
5 Blue Tits
3 Wrens
2 Nuthatches
7 Blackbirds
3 Bullfinches
4 Yellowhammers

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