The Analogue Revolution is nigh

Well, ths definitely is a huge step forward. A humanoid robot walking through a forest, stumbling, but he keeps going. Where to? This is what I explore in my most recent book, “The Analogue Revolution”. It has been published only in German so far – if you know an English-language publisher who might be interested, let me know.
Analogue is the opposite of digital. It’s everything that is not binary but connected on fluid scales. Life is analogue. But increasingly, digital products also become analogue. They leave the screens and become…swarm-like drones, animal- or human-like robots, tangible things. Even beings? These technological changes will cause many dramatic upheavals in our societies. So where will this development lead us to? I am not a techno-pessimist. But in order to move this huge tech revolution into a good direction, a lot has to happen in society. That’s why I wrote this book.
My book describes different “Analogue Revolutions” that are on the horizon. #1 and #2 are rather dystopic, #3 and #4 more on the utopian side.
#1: The Internet leaves the screens, becomes embedded everywhere in analogue sphere – controlled by a repressive IT giant which has been fused with the NSA
#2: Web economy accelerates consumerism, leads to a total pervasion of nature with man-made objects: Bad Anthropocene
#3: People become aware about their deep analogue connectedness with nature, about soil, air as analogue “Internets”
#4: The Internet of Things becomes a planetary nervous system, includes all Life and helps bridge human/nature divide. Good Anthropocene

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