Global upheavals,
underrated risks


In August 2016, scientists from the “Anthropocene Working Group”have officially confirmed what they had written earlier in a “Science” paper: the Anthropocene is a global geological reality. This new epoch is the topic of my book “The Anthropocene”, published in 2014. What we do on and with Earth does not only change nature and our daily lives today. It has a fundamental impact on the course of evolution and natural history. When I wrote the German version of the book between 2008 and 2010, Anthropocene was an exotic term. Now it is discussed globally, with museums and cultural institutions starting to reflect it in their work. My second book, “11 Looming Wars” (2012), co-written with Andreas Rinke, Reuter’s chief political correspondent in Berlin, couldn’t be more up to date – unfortunately. In our conflict scenarios, we anticipated the current “refugee crisis” and recent maritime conflicts and describe other dangerous developments which receive too little public attention. An updated paperback edition came out in November 2015. My latest book, which came out in autumn 2014, is called “The Analogue Revolution”. Analogue, not digital? Exactly.


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