Cicero magazine: Wind of change

stiesdal33In this long report in Cicero magazine, I explore the future of wind energy with my colleague Andreas Rinke. Our conclusion: the problem of storing surplus wind energy for times of low wind is solvable. And once it is solved, wind energy will become the most important source of renewable energy for the post-fossil energy future just outlined by G7 heads of governments. The guy on the photo is Henrik Stiesdal, one of the pioneers of the Danish wind energy sector and until recently CTO at Siemens wind energy. I spent a whole day with him driving 500 kilometers between wind mill site sin Denmark – great investigation experience.
If you read German, you can find our article in the June issue of Cicero magazine.

First Danish windmill that fed electricity into the grid, ca. 1920

Farm where Henrik Stiesdal grew up and developed prototype for later Vestas success story
Photos: Christian Schwägerl

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