Yesterday I was invited to take part in one of their regular debate formats called “Fokus”. It took place in the Microsoft Digital Eatery in Berlin. The title was “Mensch, Maschine” – perhaps best translated as “Our machine Future”. I gave a kick-off speech about some ideas from my latest books “The analogue revolution” and “The Anthropocene”:
#1 In the Anthropocene, technology and its side effects become so ubiquitous that they begin to form a new sort of nature – technature.
#2 For the next years, not the emerging AI itself is most important but the power structures that help bring it about and will rule it
#3 The co-evolution of humans and technology has entered a new phase. If we want “digital humanism” we need to start now. Otherwise technology might become totalitarian or develop without humans.

I shared the panel with Enno Park, head of Germany’s Cyborg Association, Raúl Rojas, Professor for Informatics, and Artificial Intelligence, Free University Berlin, Janina Sombetzki, technology philosopher from Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel, Klaus Wiegerling, Institute for technology assessment and systems analysis at Karlsruher Institute for Technology. Presenter Janine Tychsen.

Short statements in German can be found here.

FokusHelmholtz_by Carsten Kolbe-Weber

FokusHelmholtz1_by Carsten Kolbe-Weber

FokusHelmholtz2_by Carsten Kolbe-Weber

FokusHelmholtz3_by Carsten Kolbe-Weber

FokusHelmholtz7_by Carsten Kolbe-Weber

HelmholtzFokus4_by Carsten Kolbe-Weber

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