Anthropocene evening at the Royal Institution

“We live at a moment of deep change, between one geological time and another. We are moving from the Holocene to new era, the Anthropocene. Only recently we have come to understand that our actions have already altered this planet and that we now shape nature. Jan Zalasiewicz and Christian Schwägerl come together to discuss the innovations, fears and promise of a pivotal moment in planetary history in this Ri event. Dr Jan Zalasiewicz is Senior Lecturer in Palaeobiology at the University of Leicester. His research looks into stratigraphy and the Anthropocene concept. He is interviewed by newspapers on what might happen in our human-changing world. Christian Schwägerl is a science, environment and political journalist who writes for GEO magazine and others. He is the author of ‘The Anthropocene – The human era and how it shapes our planet’ (Synergetic Press, 2014). The German edition of his book has triggered the three year ‘Anthropocene Project’ at House of World Cultures in Berlin and the current special exhibition at German Technology Museum Munich.” Moderated by Robin McKie, Science Editor at The Observer newspaper.

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