Zooetics #1 with Natalie
Jeremijenko and me

Nice video summarizing the Zooetics workshop last weekend…On Friday, Natalie and I gave lectures, on Saturday we developed future scenarious with a great mix of scientists from Kaunas University of Technology. Let’s conspire with non-humans, as Natalie says!
And here’s the link to the full lecture.

IMG_8001 IMG_8006 IMG_8008 IMG_8012
“‘Zooetics’ is a word in progress to explore new ways of engaging human knowledge and research with other forms of life and to imagine designs, prototypes and interfaces for future interspecies ecologies. Zooetics encompasses all life from mammals to mollusks to microbes, and addresses the paradigm shift in science, culture and society proposed in the argument of the Anthropocene. It engages with shifts in contemporary understandings of nature.”
IMG_8026 IMG_8038 IMG_8167Natalie (left) and Gediminas
The complete Zooetics organizing committee:
Gediminas Urbonas, artist and professor at the MIT Program in Art, Culture & Technology, Cambridge, USA
Nomeda Urbonas, artist and PhD fellow at the Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Norway
Dr Tracey Warr, writer and professor at the Oxford Brookes University, UK
Viktorija Siaulyte, researcher at the Jutempus Interdisciplinary Art Program, Lithuania

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