Proceedings der
„Anthropocene Group“

Visual impressions from the first ever physical meeting of the „Anthropocene Working Group“, the scientific body examining the formalization of the Anthropocene idea as a stratigraphic unit, at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) Berlin October 16-19, 2014.

IMG_4087Day 1: Internal meeting of the Working Group to establish ground rules, debate and plan ahead…

Jan Zalasiewicz, head of the AWG, describing at his public talk that there is enough aluminium produced by humans to wrap the US in foil and anough plastic to wrap Earth in cling film…
IMG_4118Day 2: Presenting the evidence to the public – room for debate

IMG_4120Day 2: The depth of geological time

IMG_4125Day 2: Great cartoon
IMG_4127Day 2: Members of „The Anthropocene Observatory“ present their work to the AWG
IMG_4108How it all started, on display: The 2000 Crutzen/Stoermer publication, presenting the Anthropocene idea

IMG_4204Field trip to „Teufelsberg“: Jan Zalasiewicz with a piece of man-made geology

IMG_4244Teufelsberg – no comment needed

Copyright for all photos: Christian Schwägerl

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