New articles (mainly in German)

New articles (mainly in German)

ZEIT Magazin Wissen, Januar/Februar 2018
The power of our conscience

ZEIT Magazin Wissen, Januar/Februar 2018
Interview with former UNEP director Klaus Töpfer, led jointly with Max Rauner

GEO, December 2017
How good are we really? Report on moral research

Yale E360, November 14,2017
In Drive to Cut Emissions, Germany Confronts Its Car Culture

Listen, observe, think, check,write, talk, listen…

Listen, observe, think, check,
write, talk, listen…

My articles appear in leading German media like GEO magazine, ZEIT Science Magazine, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Cicero, as well as on Yale E360 and in other media outlets. I’m interested in everything that’s alive, in science, environment, politics, culture, Anthropocene, technology and how they are all connected. I like to explore new topics as an exercise in lifelong learning and I will not stick to positions that are no longer tenable. I try to listen more carefully and observe more sharply all the time, to sharpen my senses. Especially with online reporting happening behind glass, journalism needs to employ all senses and connect with real people. My work in the science and culture section of Frank Schirrmacher at Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 2001-2008 still inspires me. I have organized a seminar about “chances and risks of new media” in 1984 and have been working as a journalist since the late 1980s, with evolutionary breakthroughs happening in New Zealand’s old-growth forests, in Germany’s former government district in Bonn, in an office next to the movie critic Michael Althen and at DER SPIEGEL. The only section I haven’t written for is the sports section. But who knows what will happen next.

…collected works since ’88

…collected works
since ’88

Depeschen aus dem Ostberlin der Wendezeit für die Süddeutsche Zeitung, eine Reisereportage aus dem Bürgerkrieg von Sri Lanka für das ZEIT-Magazin, ein Porträt von Angela Merkel als Umweltministerin für die Berliner Zeitung – das sind einige der ältesten Leitfossilien in der wachsenden geologischen Schicht meiner Artikel für deutsche und mitunter auch internationale Medien, die hier zusammengefasst sind. Heute schreibe ich hauptsächlich für GEO, Cicero, das Magazin ZEIT Wissen, auch für FAZ und andere Medien. Für Anfragen und Ideen bin ich immer offen. Was ich nicht mache: PR und Kommunikation.

Alexa Clay: Thepower of misfits

Alexa Clay: The
power of misfits

Companies, economists, scientists and digital start-up nerds, even whole societies can learn from misfits. Camel milk producers in the US, pirates in Africa, hackers in Europe and former gang organizers show us how to adapt, survive, innovate. This is what Alexa Clay, a rising star in the digital culture scene, claims in her book “The Misfit Economy”, co-written with Kyra Maya Phillips, published by Simon & Schuster. Christian Schwägerl has spoken with Alexa about her provocative approach. €0,50 via PayPal.

Yale E360: Clash of green and brown

Yale E360: Clash of green and brown

While Germany prides itself as a green champion, something paradoxical has happened in the last several years: CO2 emissions steadily fell from 1,051 million metric tons in 1990 to 813 million tons in 2011, the year of the Fukushima disaster. But in 2012 and 2013, CO2 emissions rose again to 841 million tons….

Cicero magazine: Wind of change

Cicero magazine: Wind of change

In this long report in Cicero magazine, I explore the future of wind energy with my colleague Andreas Rinke. Our conclusion: the problem of storing surplus wind energy for times of low wind is solvable. And once it is solved, wind energy will become the most important source of renewable energy for the post-fossil energy future just outlined by G7 heads of governments.