11 Wars

11 Looming Wars –an outlook into the future

11 Looming Wars –
an outlook into the future

The 21st century has started with a number of wars and international conflicts, from 9/11 to Syria. The hope that the end of the Cold War might usher in an era of peace has given way to a more fearful assessment: the world has become more volatile again and many observers, including the Pope, warn of a new global war. Is the current violent period perhaps only the prelude to more conflicts – and more complex conflicts? This is what Andreas Rinke and I explore in the updated 2015 edition of our book “11 Looming Wars”.

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“11 Wars”

With our book “11 looming wars – future conflicts about technologies, ressources, territories and food” we wanted to reveal hidden risks for humanity and the planet. The book came out in mid 2012 with the aim to anticipate dangers and to contribute to efforts in avoiding conflicts. Our plan was to describe possible conflicts way before they really emerge. But reality has caught up with us faster than we thought. Here we offer an update, a reality-check on our 11 conflict scenarios…(in German, soon in English)